Fall Skincare! Top 5 tips.

Fall is here!!!!

This glorious season has finally returned and the weather has cooled down immediately over the past week or two here in the northern part of Scotland and apparently Toronto has followed suit as well! Sweater season for the win.

Speaking of the weather, as soon as it transitions, our skin changes too and over the years as I learned more about my skin I understood how important it is to switch up skin care routines during this time of year. Coming from a South Asian background, my diet has always consisted of foods super high in salt, oil, meats…basically all the ingredients that do not help our health at all. I’m obsessed with Sriracha sauce on virtually EVERYTHING. Oh, and to top it all off, if you know me, you’re aware of my uncontrollable sweet tooth. Because of this I suffered from the appearance of pimples well throughout my adolescence and even now in adulthood. I was left confused when I’d look in the mirror and see scars from popped zits that just wouldn’t disappear, including a nose full of black and white heads. There came a time when I thought my skin would remain full of flaws forever.

No matter what your skin is like, and I know it’s a very sensitive topic for girls and guys alike, it’s not impossible to achieve a seemingly unmarked complexion. One thing you need to remember once you set foot on this journey is, it takes commitment to revive your skin and bring it back to its original state (or renew it as much as possible) before it was treated poorly.

After getting married and gaining what feels like 9487394873 lbs, I threw any flips I gave about my skin completely out of the window. Nonetheless, I have had a rough time bringing my skin to the level of health it is currently at but I have 5 major tips and pointers that will hopefully help anyone reading this rejuvenate their skin for the Fall/Winter seasons:


  1. Hydration:

I don’t care if you’re tired of reading this everywhere but my first tried and tested tip. No matter how many times it’s stated on every damn beauty blog or skincare website it’s not enough. I cannot stress the importance of this first tip. Water clears up your complexion, skin deep and because of the cool weather we tend to ignore our water intake and lean more towards warm caffeinated drinks very high in fat and sugar (I am extremely guilty of this). Granted it takes time to curb the cravings but the results of constantly drinking water are so worth it. More importantly, I am a homemade face mask connoisseur and I’m all for the application of raw natural ingredients to the face but these are short term fixes and one must understand that YOU CAN’T CHUG A 2L BOTTLE OF COKE AND EXPECT A SILKY SMOOTHE BABY BUTT FACE no matter how many face masks you do in a week or a month. It simply does not work like that. You have to invest more love and time into yourself.

Tip: Sheet masks are super cool right now and very effective in hydrating the skin. Try one out from your local Supermarket or Beauty/Drugstore! Here‘s one of my fave.


2) Day/Night Moisturizing + Routine:

I used to think this was a load of bologna until I actually started doing it. When the wind gets stronger our skin gets stripped of the natural oils it produces to keep it supple so we need to help it out by moisturizing first thing in the morning and before going to bed. Whether it’s a simple vitamin E cream or an anti-acne lotion with medicinal ingredients and SPF, moisturizing skin during the fall and winter season is especially important.

In terms of moisturizers, facial oils are super-hot right now across Instagram and the Internet. I am not going to lie; having combo/oily skin and using anything oil based always terrified me. A couple months before marriage I had dreadful thoughts of never having a clear complexion until I heard about Bio Oil (a scar reducing oil used by woman post-pregnancy) being used on the face to even out complexion.

This oil worked for me because I usually don’t have huge blemishes but the little ones I do get, I pop, so it almost always leaves a scar. This oil has worked wonders for me and although when I initially bought I got it on sale, I always found it to be way too expensive to purchase but in retrospect, I understand why. This stuff really works and I highly recommend it for anyone with super dry or even oily skin trying get rid of scars. I suggest you try it out on a patch of skin and if you have pores that tend to open up and react poorly to oil based products then start off by adding a drop or two into your moisturizer until your skin can handle it on its own for the best results. You can try this technique for any oil of your choice and make sure to keep it consistent! You can’t see results if you don’t commit to whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

To conclude this section my biggest pointer not only for this fall season but for life is take out some time and money and invest in a good skin care routine. Stick to it and you will see how rewarding the results are and how amazing you feel every single day!!! My skincare routine consists of mainly of drugstore items so you do not need to break the bank to find a regimen that suits you, unless you have a serious dermatological problem that can only be cured by visiting a dermatologist.


3) Face massages + Homemade face masks:

They cost nothing and bring out a beautiful rosy glow on your face that’s just perfect. I started massaging my face recently and it truly does make a difference. You can try this in the morning while using your face wash or while you’re applying your moisturizer. What you’re going to do is let your nose be the center point and work your outward with the tips of your middle and ring fingers (both hands). Try not to apply too much pressure as you don’t want to end up looking like a tomato. The point is to get blood flowing in your face that rarely occurs on a normal basis. Make sure you massage your neck too! It’s common to form a ring of wrinkles here so remember to massage from the bottom up

In addition to massages I have always been a major homemade raw mask connoisseur and my Snapchat followers know my go-to mask is a South Asian classic:

  • 5tbsp Gram/Chickpea flour (Deep Cleans skin, draws out impurities)
  • 5tsp of Plain Yogurt (Active ingredients, cleans out skin)
  • A pinch of Turmeric (Active ingredients, provides natural glow)
  • Drops of rosewater (Summer mask: tones, provides cooling sensation)
  • Almond Oil (Fall/Winter mask: brightens, softens and moisturizes)

Mix this paste so it is consistent enough to rest on your face and not drip off. Once mixed, apply a generous layer and avoid the eyes. Once it dries, pat your face with water so the contents of the mask are soaked again and take your middle and ring finger tips again and in circular motions away from your face, scrub the mask off to exfoliate your skin (gently!) and once it’s all scrubbed away, wash and witness your beautiful glowing face.

Switch it up!: If you have really stubborn gunk stuck inside your pores and you’re not a huge fan of the darker areas on your face near your mouth and near the sides of your nose, you can swap the Gram Flour for Rice Flour! Rice components are also majorly used in high end/Asian skincare. Rice is known to absorb anything that comes in its path so I do not suggest this mask at all to those with dry skin but instead to those with combination/oily types. Rice brightens and evens out skin tones and has been used in Asia for many years for skincare purposes. I use Chickpea flour more often for this mask as Rice Flour is a strong ingredient I tend to use when I’m in need of a very deep clean.

Acne Problem?: Honey is your best friend. Seriously. Manuka Honey or Raw honey, is known to help acne of all sorts literally vanish over time. Sleep with it on (yes you read that correctly) or slap it on for 20 mins a day. Although it’s on the pricier side, you’ll be glad you chose to spend a little bit extra because this treatment does not disappoint. Read more about the benefits of Manuka honey here.

Note: Always try out a mask/product on a patch of skin and test for 10-15 mins if you are unsure of how your skin will react!


4) Physical Exercise:

No matter what you do or how you do it…work up a sweat. Help your body release toxins and watch your skin glowwww. It’s one of the easiest ways to achieving great skin. Sometimes my only motivation for working out is how beautiful my skin will look and feel after and you know what they say about a good workout? You rarely regret it. I know it takes a lot of energy to get up but seriously, just do it. If you don’t like working out just put in your earphones, blast some music and dance! That’s how I managed to get off my bum and start moving. Give it a shot!!!


5) Fruits and Vegetables:

Fall tends to be a season where we indulge in comfort foods but it is so crucial to give our skin the nutrients it needs to be soft and radiant. Mashing foods up and applying them as masks helps, yes, but it can’t ever be as effective as actually ingesting those foods and witnessing lasting results. Oranges, Grapes, Strawberries and grapefruits are my go-to foods for gorgeous skin. Carrots are an especially important veggie for the skin containing vitamin A which helps prevent many signs of aging such as discoloration and wrinkles. You’ll be surprised to find so many ingredients of high end face creams and skincare regimens made up of the fruits I mentioned above so if you don’t fancy spending hundreds, please do yourself and your skin a favor by constantly snacking on these fruits and veggies! Your skin will seriously thank you in the long run.


Now is the time to wake up and take care of ourselves! Body, Mind and everything else the two encompass. And if your excuse is “laziness”, it’s not good enough because I used to be super sluggish about all this too until I realized that if I didn’t begin soon the signs of aging and bad care would become irreversible and then no cream or mask could save me…that’s a scary thought: the fact that this is the most important time to do all these things so we can live confidently and comfortably in the years to come.

In addition to that our body is a blessing and it’s comparable to a little baby we’ve been given and when you think of it from this perspective and how each day we are hurting the baby so much, it is saddening. Sounds slightly childish right? But think about the heart and how sad it becomes when we treat its casing poorly and how much harder it has to work to keep us alive.

In contrast imagine the heart  when you go for a run and drink lots of water and eat fruits? Inside your heart is happy and easily pumping blood and guiding all the other organs to function properly. That makes me smile and I hope the thought of your heart being happy makes you smile too. It’s true sometimes it isn’t all this easy but we’ve forgotten how to care and truly love our bodies and selves so whatever it takes to spark that genuine concern once again, should be done. Setting aside complexities, think of it all as a machine…you get out exactly what you put in and bad input can never output good skin.



Bee Mirza






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